Blue - EP

by Mayyadda

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released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Mayyadda Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Blue
Where did you come from?
What did you do?
What are the things
That made you you?
Little girl
Tell me true
What color
Brought you through?
So I think back
On 2002
I used to love
The color blue
Track Name: Bank Notes
Money doesn't grow on trees
I remember him saying it to me
But even that is written on a bank note
Want to know what's at the root of me
Check my gentle leaves and see
My bank notes

In the vault that is you
In the vault that's me
Lie the stacks of little moments
That made us see how we see
So if you wanna reach the inside
Listen very closely
And if I hand you a bank note
Give one of yours to me

Papering the walls of my mind
From 5, 10, 20, hopefully one day, 25
Are my bank notes
In colors wild as me
Beautiful and raggedy
My bank notes


I am a tree
the fruits of life's labors on me
These fruits of knowledge
Are not forbidden
They are life giving
Just take a bite and you'll see

when you finally read my bank notes
You just might understand me
Track Name: Rainmaker
Days passing in spinning colors
Will I ever see the sun
Swing dancing with my mother
Cuz my father's on the run
From the law
But I've never seen a dime
The fruit of his crimes
Withered on the vine
And the pain runs deep
From secrets that we keep
Me myself and I

Rainmaker, rain on me
Rainmaker, set me free
Rainmaker, hear my plea
From buried heart on wounded knee

Blue minutes ticking time bombs
Bleeding tears and grins
Blue faces whipping past as
The old projector spins
Behind me
Tethered to the past
A space that never lasts
Abandoned by the cast
And the pain runs deep
From memories we keep
Me myself and I


Wash away
The pain of yesterday
Unlock the chains
That twist my vertebrae
Over time
Fill my soul with rhyme
Lights and melodies

Framed picture of my heartlines
Extended from my chest
This village spanning time zones
Sings the family crest
A love song
Drowning out the flood
Washing off the mud
With cords thicker than blood
And the pain runs deep
But sanity we keep
Me myself and I

Track Name: Hey Mister
Hey mister
You gotta listen
To the story I'm gonna tell
Hey mister
You put my sister
Through all kinds of crazy hell
You were the main supply
For her tears and cries
Don't try to deny
Though the passerby
Would say it's a lie
I was standing nearby

You tried to dim her light
And make her small
Trip her up so she would fall
Hold her down to make you tall
But you didn't know she's made of fire
And now you're gone she's burning brighter
Cus when a flame collides with a viper
It burns

Hey mister
You better listen
My story's not through
Hey mister
She's not missing you
Don't try to rendezvous
Cuz if you roll up
I'll show up
You'll be tore up
From the floor up
Cuz I don't have time
For your games and lies
So slither right back out the door


Hey sister
You need to listen
And know that you are queen
That mister
Should not have kissed her
But you will find love again